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Peter Grenier New Hampshire

June 3, 2022

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According to Peter Grenier New Hampshire, having a simple kitchen design does not mean that it cannot have style. In fact, a simple kitchen design is big on style. It is simply smart, not too dramatic. If you have a small kitchen, you can go with white as it should blend well into the space. You can also opt for an L-shaped design for the kitchen, as it will fit perfectly with any shape. Here are some tips to make your kitchen look stylish, without compromising on simplicity.


The linear kitchen design is a popular choice for small and large rooms alike. This design puts the bulk of the cabinetry along one wall, with the kitchen island cabinet running parallel to the main cabinets. This layout creates clean, minimalist lines, making it ideal for both a modern and traditional kitchen. Here are some tips to consider when designing a linear kitchen. Read on to learn more about this design. We hope these tips will help you design a kitchen that suits your needs!


Choosing the right colour scheme for your L-shaped kitchen is a great way to keep it looking modern. Choose a colour scheme that contrasts bright colours with muted shades. White kitchen cabinets look stunning when combined with a rich red, and contrasting wooden cupboards add a touch of warmth. If you don’t want a bold colour, consider using a lighter shade on the cabinets above and below the kitchen worktop.


A one-wall kitchen design works well with a small kitchen space. A kitchen hugs a single wall and leaves room for a small dining table or breakfast bar. Wooden intricacies are often used as cabinetry and countertops. This style is often referred to as a cabin kitchen because of the crafted wood used in the ceiling, cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Adding a touch of contrasting black wood flooring provides visual depth and contrast with the white cabinetry.


Peter Grenier New Hampshire pointed out that, considering a one-island kitchen design? You’re not alone! Despite its popularity, this style of kitchen requires careful planning. An island is a large addition to a small kitchen, and the right design will maximize space while still allowing enough room for traffic to move around comfortably. Here are some tips to help you decide what type of island is best for your space. After all, you’re spending a large amount of time cooking and cleaning – don’t make it difficult!

Monochrome-Peter Grenier New Hampshire

A kitchen with a simple design in black and white is a great way to bring modern style into a classic space. Monochrome kitchen decor is comprised of various shades of the same color, typically black or white. These color schemes have been popular for decades, and are often found in living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. While monochrome can be bland, they are still an excellent choice for kitchens. When choosing colors for your space, consider the texture of the materials. Monochrome schemes usually benefit from a mix of different surface finishes. For instance, a black splashback can be eye-catching and provide a nice point of interest to the kitchen’s layout.

Wooden flooring

Achieve a sophisticated look in your kitchen with wood flooring. This versatile flooring choice is a great way to add a unique element to any kitchen design. Wooden floors are ideal for kitchens as they add textural contrast and aesthetic value. Using planks in a herringbone or chevron pattern adds geometric style. You can even add less-known patterns like flecks or knots.

Marble backsplash

A simple kitchen design with marble backsplash works well with a modern or transitional kitchen. The marble works well with wood tones and warm metal finishes, such as copper. It is especially beautiful in a space with paneling or wood-stained cabinetry. For a mid-century look, you can pair the marble with wood-toned cabinetry. It also looks great with exposed shelving. Depending on your budget, you can choose a tile pattern to match the marble backsplash.

White paint

Peter Grenier New Hampshire described that, there’s no denying that white is the classic color for a kitchen. White cabinets and walls create a stunning backdrop for any simple kitchen design. However, some homeowners prefer a warmer shade of white paint kitchen design, like Simply White by Benjamin Moore. This paint is less clinical and will not cause color shifts in cooler or brighter lighting. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect white paint for your kitchen. You can choose a different shade of white for each cabinet and wall, and test them out to determine if they look good together.

Navy color

A simple, yet elegant, kitchen design is possible with navy color. Navy is a soothing hue that pairs well with many other colors, including white and cream. In a kitchen, this hue is especially striking when paired with natural wood and white or off-white walls. If you are planning to use this color, here are some tips to keep your space looking modern and fresh. The color is very versatile, so you can use it in any area of your kitchen, including the walls.

Checkerboard marble tile

The classic checkerboard tile pattern is an excellent way to add style to a kitchen. These tiles are a timeless choice for the kitchen, as they give the space a retro feel. Although many interior designers have updated this classic pattern with bolder colors, black and white are timeless colors and will complement any kitchen design. A simple kitchen design would be enhanced by adding a tile border in the same color. These decorative pieces can be installed on countertops, backsplashes, or flooring to create a modern look.